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Abaxo Ferro Fertilizer

AGRI nova Science is a Spanish fertilizer company situated in the south of Spain. Our products have a contrasted efficiency, because they have been tested during years of intensive crop growing in Almería which has developed into the most important vegetable production area in Europe. Our products are involved in extensive field work covering the needs of every type of crop in different situations.

In 1998, AGRI nova Science started an ambitious international expansion plan. At present we have direct distributors in Portugal, Italy, Romania, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, South Korea, Vietnam, Guatemala, Perú and Chile, as well as investee companies in Mexico, Ecuador and Senegal.

Juan José Serrano
Expor Department
AGRI nova Science, S.A
skype: juanjo_agrinova
mobile: +34 607240518
Email: jjserrano@agri-nova.com

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