Flake Caustic Soda, Sodium Hydroxide 1000 Kg

Flake Caustic Soda, Sodium Hydroxide 1000 Kg

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Sodium hydroxide, caustic soda or in the form of an aqueous solution Soda lye. Corrosive, highly reactive base. The store's offer includes sodium hydroxide in 25 kg bags, on a 1000 kg pallet or in the form of a water solution - 49-51% soda lye - in 25 l / 40 kg canisters, 1150 kg IBCs (pallet containers).

The use of soda lye is found in almost all industries. It is a sodium carrier in the production of surfactants, an auxiliary raw material in the paper industry, the production of synthetic dyes and in water treatment processes. In the food industry, sodium hydroxide is used by butchers, dairies and sugar factories as a disinfecting and cleaning agent.

Due to its biocidal properties, sodium hydroxide is commonly used in breeding livestock animals to disinfect hives, henhouses, piggies, stables, barns, etc. In the form of soda lye - a three percent water solution - it works great as a preventive and scheduled disinfection of livestock surfaces and breeding.

Caustic soda is also used as an active agent - in the form of a 1-3% water solution - in disinfection mats for preventive disinfection inside the farm, e.g. in front of the farm entrances, on the access roads to the feed warehouse and manure collection. As well as in the event of an epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease, plague or other contagious livestock disease.

Caustic soda is widely used in fruit farming in Western Europe as a preventive or combating burdensome fungal infections - commonly referred to as cancer of fruit trees and vines. Dutch experts like me Peter van Arkel recommend the use of 10% sodium hydroxide - an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide - to protect long tenons after winter pruning of trees and vines, as well as to combat cankers on stumps and branches. Sodium hydroxide solution is especially recommended for the protection of uncleaned wounds.

Attention! Sodium hydroxide is a hazardous substance. Even in solid form, it can irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. When using caustic soda or its aqueous solutions, use appropriate personal protective equipment.

- flake soda
- a dangerous substance
- precautions should be taken
- the product is not available for private use
- an offer directed only to companies

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