Oil impregnation for wood with nanosilver

Oil impregnation for wood with nanosilver

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We also offer an impregnation in a 1 liter package.

Top Meister Holz wood oil impregnation 5 l - innovative wood oil impregnation. The preparation is based on nanotechnology with the addition of nanosilver. The product effectively conserves and nourishes the wood. Top Meister Holz has a positive effect on the color of the wood and provides protection.

TopMeister Holz is a professional oil impregnant intended for the preservation and care of wood. The product containing nanosilver technology increases its impregnating properties. TopMeister Holz is very well absorbed and penetrates the wood thanks to its slow drying. The nanosilver particles contained in the impregnation protect the wood against deterioration even up to several years after its application. They protect against the growth of mosses, algae and mold. The impregnation emphasizes the natural color of the wood, highlights its color and rings. The surface after oiling is matte, easy to clean, protected against moisture, blue stain or mold growth.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor maintenance.
Suitable for all types of natural, dry, thermo-treated wood, teak, mahogany, cedar, larch and other hard woods, as well as for oiling pressure-impregnated wood.
The impregnation can be used on wood not covered with varnish. The wood must be clean and dry.

DENSITY: approx. 0.94 kg / liter

Raw wood, apply until saturated: 10 to 15 m2 / liter;
Refreshing previously oiled wood: 15-40 m2 / liter,


APPLICATION METHOD: brush, cloth, roller, spray gun,

DRYING TIME: (at approx. 20 ° C, humidity 60%),
touch dry min. 24 hours, fully hardened 7-14 days,

TOOLS CLEANING: detergent, detergent.

Hazard statements:
H319 Irritating to eyes,
Precautionary Statements:
P102 Keep out of the reach of children
P305 + P351 + P338 IF in eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.

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