Season are start for Egyption Navel Orange(Valincia ….Coming soon)
*We like to offer you to Enjoy our Egyptian fresh Orange, the fruits of life and prosperity, all hours of the day, giving the refreshment, health and wellness that your body daily needs , From Aton Green Egypt
*We always make sure that our products accordance with the European specifications
Orange: Class A
Varieties: Naval – Valencia
Naval:October till March
Valincea:Jeneoury till July
Paking:Telescopic Carton Net 15kg ,Gross 16kg
Size: 48/56/64/72/80/88/100/105/113/125
Price per Carton C&F : 11.85$ port Gdynia
Storage Temperature
Short term Storage:+4
Long term Storage 90day's …up:+1
Shelf Life: 8 Months
Color: Oval round Glowing Orange
Hs Code: 080510
Packing Carton:15kg /or 8 kg
See freight 15kg Carton: Continer 40ft reefer,take 20 pallet ,etch pallet 80 carton 15kg,total 1600 Carton,24Ton Continer 20ft reefer, take 10 pallet , etch pallet 80 Carton 15kg,tota l 800 Carton ,12Ton
See freight 8kg Carton: Continer 40ft reefer,take 20 pallet ,etch pallet 150 carton 8kg,total 3000 Carton,24Ton Continer 20ft reefer, take 10 pallet , etch pallet 150 Carton 8kg,total 1800 Carton ,12Ton
Delivery: 7 days take to load container ,after receiving the Down payment
You are invited to visit our company and our farms and ,watch the harvesting & you can see the packing
station and its stages ,Wish to make successful business together for a long time.
Please look to Attachment

Amr Mahmoud
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