Full white warehouse pallet 120x80cm.

Full white warehouse pallet 120x80cm.
Plastic pallet 120x80 | full white | PPFP11
Technical data:
Art.No .: PPFP11
Material: frost-resistant and chemical-resistant polyethylene
Temperature range [° C]: -30 to +70
Dimensions [mm]: 1200 x 800 x 150
Dynamic load [kg]: 2000
Static load [kg]: 4000
Load on the rack [kg]: 1500
White color
Weight [kg]: 14.5
Additional information about the shipment:
Ordered pallets from Paleteo.pl are sent by courier with insurance in accordance with the following price list:
- 1 piece of a pallet PLN 64.1 gross
- 1 pallet space (from 2 to 13 pallets or its multiple) PLN 159.90 gross
Please select the appropriate shipping method according to the number of items purchased or contact us for shipping costs.


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