PROBIO Garden Nettle - plant enhancer 2 l

PROBIO Garden Nettle - plant enhancer 2 l

The natural complex of ingredients used in the production of the preparation supports soil life and has an excellent influence on the plant development processes, flowering and yielding. The unique specificity of herbal fermentation increases the availability and assimilation of ingredients.



PROBIO Garden Nettle - a natural microbiological preparation for strengthening plants.



Extract from the fermentation process of nettle, yarrow and horsetail with the participation of lactobacillus and bacillus bacteria.

Nettle extract is a natural plant enhancer recommended for use in ecological home gardens.

Long-term fermentation of nettle with lactobacillus and bacillus bacteria brings out a number of substances with plant strengthening properties.

Why is it worth using PROBIO Garden Nettle:

Our Nettle Extract is fermented using unique probiotic microorganisms and has a pleasant fermented herbal fragrance.

Probio Garden Nettle now saves gardeners from having to prepare their own liquid manure. Anyone who has ever tried to make such a fertilizer knows what smell it will be dealing with. It also takes some time to ferment. With each use, be careful not to splash yourself due to the persistent fragrance.

Our PROBIO herbal extract is much easier because it has little allies - probiotic microorganisms.

High bioavailability:

We know that nettle is a wealth of ingredients, and the task of probiotic microorganisms is to effectively extract the largest possible amount of ingredients available for plants.

In addition, the preparation is enriched with ingredients such as horsetail and yarrow extract that support the plant's immune system.

It is always at hand, you can spray continuously, there is no specific smell in the garden and you always have the same concentration, so you do not have to worry about burns.

Green gardeners will love this product because it saves them a lot of work.

It is important to stick to the dosage regimen and avoid use in the sun.


From spring to autumn, weekly or fortnightly as needed. On cloudy days or in the evening.
In an aqueous solution in the form of watering 20 ml of the preparation per 1 liter of water.
To unleash the full potential of our cultivation, alternate the preparation with an agent with a high concentration of Bacillus VIP microorganisms.

Use as intended.

The product is safe for people, animals and the environment.

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