Purchase of IBC containers

Purchase of IBC containers
IBC Service is a specialized recycling company operating on the market since 2005. We deal with service, recycling, sale and purchase of reusable IBC and IBC tanks.
We have a permit to collect and process packaging waste from groups 15 01 10 *, 15 01 05, 15 01 02 in accordance with Decision No. 2977 / OS / 2020, issued by the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship in Katowice.
Collection of containers at the expense of IBC Service
Attractive resale prices - IBC Service pays for all IBCs collected
Reducing the amount of generated packaging waste
The certainty of proper and legal waste handling and used IBC containers
Pickup of emptied IBCs from a location indicated by you
Purchase prices are set individually
TEL .: 33 857 77 18
GSM: 500 091 821

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