Soybean cake Protein -41% -42%

Soybean cake Protein -41% -42%
We offer soy cake:
Oil mass fraction remaining up to 8%
Humidity up to 8.5%
Fiber up to 7%
Urease activity 0.1-0.3
Color from yellow to light brown, the presence of dark colored particles is not a defect factor.
The smell is typical of soy cake.
Big Bag packaging
Shelf life of 6 months.

It is a high quality protein component that allows you to achieve high results in the feeding of animals. Vegetable soy protein is easily digestible by the body and, due to its biological value, is close to protein of animal origin. The high energy and protein content in the cake allows the formation of high protein and energy servings without the use of expensive fats.

The minimum purchase quantity - 22 tons
Price issued with delivery to central Poland on DDP conditions.


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