HEMP DRY FLOWERS- WIECHY / Hemp panicles /

As a producer, Sefir Polska offers high-quality dried hemp flowers - hemp panicles (undyed)

We invite wholesale and retail clients to cooperate with us.

Possibility to purchase in packages from 100 kg (doypack) to BIG BAG 1000 kg depending on the needs and preferences of customers.

The hemp comes from our biodynamic plantations located in Wielkopolska (Poland). No glyphosate or linuron agents were used during the cultivation.

We have permits and concessions to trade in dry hemp flowers and hemp products.

The offered variety is FUTURA 75 (Cannabis Sativa L.). Dry flowers come from this year's harvest.


Dry flowers (undyed) parameters:

- Hemp panicles (hemp flowers undyed)

- CBD content up to 3% CBD (we have certificates or the customer can do the tests himself)

- THC content below 0.2%

- moisture content of dry flowers about 9%

We issue a VAT invoice.

The price depends on the number and size of packages.

As a producer, our offer also includes:

  • Certified Hemp dry flowers for extraction with a high content of CBD and other cannabinoids /terpenes
  • Hemp leaves - young hemp (to be used for tea)
  • Hemp leaves + mix of hemp flowers
  • Hemp flowers cut by hand
  • Hemp teas (wholesale + packaging)
  • Unhusked seeds
  • Shelled seeds
  • Roasted seeds
  • Hemp kiff
  • Ready to sell hemp products as part of our Alba Hemp brand www.alba-hemp.com or in the white label formula
  • flowers and joints (Pre-Rolls) under our Hempago brand or in the white label formula.

We invite you to talk and further cooperation!

We encourage you to contact us at 663 460 369

Mail: hello@alba-hemp.com

Web Page: https://www.alba-hemp.com/alba-agro/

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