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Cheap corn feed, oats 300 PLN / ton. Farm with buildings for sale, rent + 200 cattle of meat, dairy breed Golsztyn, Lebedinska, Chernoriaba. The most favorable conditions for development. Hay, straw, grain, silage, pasture green. The farm is fully operational with an area of ​​500ha of forested land in good culture, 200ha of pasture, 100ha of meadow. Production base on an area of ​​40 ha: large farm buildings, a cowshed, piggery, barn, silo, machines, garages. Unlimited amounts of permanent grassland, shortened rearing, breeding of bulls, cows and calves. A farm with a high potential for growth in agricultural production. Affordable price, negotiable. We cordially invite all interested parties. Telephone: +380505806241 (Polish), Viber + 380660832530 , E-mail: Nieruchomoś Skype: IgorKijow
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