PPCC Business Mission to São Paulo 2-7 April 2022.

Dear Sir or Madam,
We have the pleasure to announce the PPCC Business Mission to São Paulo which will take place on the 2-7 April 2022.
The PPCC Business Mission to São Paulo is the perfect occasion to personally assess business opportunities in Brazil and find potential business partners in the market. This is the 8th time we are organizing a business mission to São Paulo.
The maximum number of participants is 6 companies.
We are organizing this business mission with FecomercioSP – the largest and very well-connected trade and service federation of São Paulo state.
The business mission will have a strong B2B focus*, with individual meetings with potential Brazilian business partners at their offices, according to each Polish company's needs and expectations, and will include in-depth seminar about Brazilian tax laws, certification and procedures. We believe a strong awareness of the market's reality is of the utmost importance for sustainable success.
*in general, the meetings will be organised physically whenever possible, or virtually in other cases.
Enclosed, we are sending the detailed offer and conditions. If you are interested in taking part in this Business Mission, please fill in the form below (filling in the form does not oblige you to take part in the mission) and await our contact for next steps.
We encourage you to get to know the Brazilian market and establish valuable and direct commercial contacts.
Final decisions on participation until 7th February 2022.
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact directly Mr. Wojciech Baczyński, General Director of the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce: wb@ppcc.pl, +48 696 760 925.
Best regards,

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