Farm Market is an online marketplace for farmers, fruit growers, food producers and end users.

In addition, this portal is the culmination of 15 years of author’s experience in the agricultural industry. Farm Market is a tool for sales management and establishing contacts. Knowing the problems faced by food manufacturers a simple, easy-to-use tool with intuitive navigation and a dedicated help desk has been created.

After a free registration each manufacturer has the ability to advertise his business and present his offer, while every potential buyer has the opportunity to establish contact and refine the details of the transaction.

Commercial offer The possibility of selling all kinds of agricultural goods by publishing your offer on the Portal without the need to set up an online store. Farm Market gives you the opportunity to place banner adverts on our web For adding your advertising offer, please use the following email address:

Our company offers all kinds of agricultural goods, agricultural products and other components involved in the agricultural production, processing and ready-made food preparations. We offer assistance across the country for companies from outside Poland on every commercial level. We can act as a sales representative in Poland. Possible contact in Polish, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Ukrainian.

For adding your commercial offer, please use the following email address: We offer the highest standards of service! Farm Market is a member of Polish – Kazakhstan Commerce and Industry Chamber, Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. Through business and commercial contacts we are an attractive trading partner for every company not only as an online marketplace but also as a trading agent.

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The portal is a place where you will find proven agricultural offers from all over the world.
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