Farm MARKET w 2021r.

Farm MARKET. Farm MARKET already brings together 124 countries on the earth. We are on all continents. Our mission is to connect companies and search for clients for companies from the agricultural, food, chemical, industrial and commercial sectors. The platform was created in 2015. The history of the project dates back to 2005. My goal […]

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Zalecenia ogrodnicze na wrzesień.

Zalecenia ogrodnicze na wrzesień więcej na stronach  

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Important things to do in garden in June.
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KNOWLEDGE Farm & NEWS Farm check on ....

KNOWLEDGE Farm & NEWS Farm check on ... KNOWLEDGE Farm is a website that will help you learn about farming, operating agricultural machinery, gardening advice, advice for beekeepers and other topics related to the agricultural industry. Everything in three languages: Polish, Spanish and English. In the future, it will be in all the languages of […]

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Stock exchanges in Warsaw and Johannesburg.

Welcome you warmly, We have the pleasure of informing you that our company will be a joint stock company in the future. We have started work on the introduction of our company to the stock exchanges in Warsaw and Johannesburg. People willing to buy shares, please follow the information on the Farm MARKET and social […]

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